Honoring American Heroes

Combat Wounded Veterans

According to Defense Department accounting, more than 50,000 Americans have been wounded in combat, in Iraq or Afghanistan, since 2001.


According to data collected in the U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA’s) National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), from 2010 to 2012, an estimated 70,450 firefighter injuries occur annually.

Law Enforcement

According to data from National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, on average, there are 58,930 assaults against law enforcement each year, resulting in 15,404 injuries.

Outdoor   Adventures

Americans who enjoy outdoor activities are experiencing the benefits of “outdoor therapy”. American Heroes In Action provides therapeutic outdoor adventures to American heroes including combat wounded veterans, injured firefighters, injured members of law enforcement and other first responders. Our outdoor adventures include, but are not limited to; fishing trips, hunting trips, jeep trail rides, hiking, boating, and more.

American Heroes In Action needs your support.

Our Board of Directors

Dave Proffit
President & Founder

Outdoor enthusiast, enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, etc. Spent one year in Iraq as a contractor, working with the troops everyday. Part of the job in the APO (Army Post Office) was inspecting outgoing mail, searching for guns, bullets and hand sanitizer. In Iraq, Dave met many young men and even young women, who were mailing home Purple Heart Medals they had received after being injured in combat. Now, American Heroes In Action honors these brave men and women.

American Heroes in Action seeks new Board of Directors Member

Ideally, this new member will be someone from the outdoor community, perhaps a guide or outfitter. 


American Heroes in Action is currently searching for a 4th Board Member. Ideally someone from the First Responder community

Alan Wilson with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office has joined the American Heroes in Action Board of Directors. Photo and bio coming soon[/expand]

American Heroes in Action is currently searching for a new Board Member to help us grow the organization. 

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